Bubble Candy Christmas




Aim and shoot magical bubbles in this colorful adventure


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If you like games of skill or bubble shooters, then Bubble Candy Christmas is for you. This game has a ton of levels that you can enjoy as you test your agility and concentration.

Gameplay in Bubble Candy Christmas is just like the classic version, but the challenges might be a little more complicated, so you'll have to stay focused if you want to advance. Some of the levels will really test you, so you'll need to aim with ultimate precision. To get rid of the bubbles on the top of the screen, you'll have get three of the same color in a row. If you can manage to get rid of the highest bubbles first, do it, because all the bubbles below them will fall and pop, too.

Bubble Candy Christmas has more than 100 levels of increasing complexity, but your objective is always the same: get the points you need and beat all the levels. Sometimes it's hard to advance. If you're having trouble, try to use a special power-up that you earn from playing.

This fun game also has a ranking system that you can climb according to your points. The more points you have, the higher you'll be ranked.
By Erika Okumura
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